The dishes of shrimp and crab

1 Braised King Prawns [Ingredients]King prawns……12Salt……………7.5 gramsSugar…………10 gramsTomato sauce…50 gramsCooking wine…25 gramsGreen onions…5 grams (cut into sections)Ginger………5 grams (minced)Cornstarch…25 grams (mixed with water)Broth………150 gramsLard………100 gramsMSG…………5 grams [Cooking Method] [Cooking Tips] [Flavor Characteristics]This dish has a deep red color, with a fresh and tender texture, and a rich, flavorful sauce. 2 Phoenix Tail King Prawns [Ingredients]King … Read more

Home-style Stir-fried Signature Dishes

1 Stir-Fried Taiwanese Dish [Ingredients]Lean pork slices 100gMonosodium glutamate (MSG) 3gSesame oil 50gChinese chives or garlic chives 75gMung bean sprouts 250gCooking wine 15gSichuan peppercorn oil 25gEggs 2Tender spinach hearts 150gVinegar 3gSalt 7gPeanut oil 50gBean vermicelli 100gChopped scallions and ginger 15g [Cooking Method] [Key Techniques] 2 Abalone with Pigeon Eggs [Ingredients]Water-soaked abalone… 8-10 piecesShaoxing wine… 15gCooked … Read more

Meeting gourmet cuisine brings a unique sensation to the taste buds.

1 Longjiang Mixed Vegetables [Ingredients]Shan mushroom 50gPig’s head mushroom 50gYellow flower vegetable (daylily) 50gShiitake mushroom 50gPleurotus eryngii mushroom 50gGreen onion 10gWood ear mushroom 50gGinger 10gDried flower mushroom 50gSalt 10gJin mushrooms 50gMSG 2gRendered lard 50gClear broth 50g [Cooking Method] [Key Techniques] [Flavor Characteristics]Longjiang Mixed Vegetables is a renowned dish from Heilongjiang Province, prepared with local specialties … Read more

Exploring the Infinite Flavors of Gastronomy

1 Mixed Vegetable Salad Ingredients: [Cooking Method] [Cooking Tips] [Flavor Characteristics]Visually appealing with a refreshing, tangy, and spicy taste. 2 Fresh Cucumber Fragrance Ingredients: [Cooking Method] [Cooking Tips]Ensure to remove as much salt as possible from the cucumber fragrance to avoid it being too salty and affecting the taste. [Flavor Characteristics]Crunchy and tender with a … Read more

Cooking Ethnic Flavored Dishes

1 Jade Tendrils of Young Prickly Ash [Ingredients] [Cooking Method] [Culinary Techniques] [Flavor Characteristics] 2 Stewed Pork Bones with Frozen Tofu [Ingredients] [Cooking Method] [Culinary Techniques] [Flavor Characteristics] The tofu is tender and soft, complemented by the tangy and salty preserved mustard greens. The soup and ingredients meld together perfectly, making it an excellent choice … Read more

Delicious Food Every Day, Exquisite Taste Every Moment

1 Duck Leg with Monkey Head Mushrooms [Main Ingredients]250g soaked monkey head mushrooms10g green onions10 duck legs10g ginger10g roasted sesame seeds250g chicken broth15g salt500g rendered pork fat3g MSG20g roasted chicken oil15g Shaoxing wine [Cooking Method] [Cooking Key Points] [Flavor Characteristics] 2 Crispy Fragrant Double Partridge Joyful Encounter [Main Ingredients]150g sand partridge meat20g ham slices30g pork … Read more

The enjoyment of culinary culture.

1 Steamed Yellow Tube with Marrow and Egg White [Ingredients]Yellow tubes (pork intestines): 10 piecesEgg whites: 10Cucumber skin: 50gHam: 50gShiitake mushrooms: 50gCilantro (coriander): 50gClear broth: 500gSalt: 5gChicken essence: 150gCooking wine: 10g [Cooking Method] [Cooking Tips] [Flavor Characteristics]This dish features unique ingredients, resembling centipedes with distinct colors. It is tender and delicious, with a savory and … Read more

Exploring the Journey of Gourmet Flavors

1 Red Oil Rabbit [Ingredients]Rabbit meat 500gGreen onions, large sections 4 piecesFresh ginger 3 slicesCilantro (coriander) 10gSichuan peppercorns 20 piecesStar anise 5 clovesRendered lard 1000gSoy sauce 25gSalt 3gSugar 25gMSG 3gWet cornstarch 25gCooking wine 30gChicken broth 50gRed oil (chili oil) 80g [Method] [Cooking Tips]Before cooking, rabbit meat must be soaked, blanched, and seasoned to remove any … Read more

A Feast of Dining and Taste

1 Grilled Mountain Hare in Char Siu Style [Ingredients] [Cooking Method] [Key Techniques] [Flavor Characteristics]“Grilled Mountain Hare in Char Siu Style” is a traditional specialty dish from Jilin Province. It uses local wild hare and is cooked to achieve a bright red color, sweet-salty taste, elastic texture, and realistic presentation. 2 Stir-Fried Meat with Starch … Read more

Let your taste buds savor the new culinary trend.

1 Cloud Roll [Ingredients]Fatty pork: 250 gramsEggs: 15Lean pork: 1250 gramsStarch: 50 gramsHam: 30 gramsCelery: 100 gramsCooking wine: 25 gramsMonosodium glutamate (MSG): 5 gramsSichuan peppercorn water: 20 gramsSalt: 2 gramsGinger and scallion juice: 30 gramsFlour paste: 70 grams [Cooking Method] [Cooking Key Points] [Flavor Characteristics]Resembling colorful clouds, with red, yellow, and green hues intertwined, exceptionally … Read more