How to make Tiger Skin Pork Elbow and the recipes of Tiger Skin Pork Elbow

Tiger Skin Pork Elbow

[Main Ingredients and Seasonings]
1 pork elbow… 2000g
Ginger slices… 50g
Star anise… 5 pieces
Shaoxing wine… 50g
Green onion segments… 100g
Soy sauce… 80g
Salt… 20g
Granulated sugar… 50g
Cornstarch… 50g

[Cooking Instructions]

  1. Place the raw pork elbow with the skin facing down over a fire until the skin is charred. Soak in warm water, then scrape off and wash away the charred skin with a knife, leaving the elbow with a rough and uneven golden “tiger skin” appearance.
  2. Place the elbow in a wok, add chicken broth, simmer over low heat until partially cooked, then remove and place skin-side down on a steaming rack. Use a knife to make cross-hatch cuts 2 cm apart. Transfer the elbow to a small basin, add seasoning, green onion segments, ginger slices, and star anise pieces. Pour in two ladles of chicken broth.
  3. Steam the elbow for about 2 hours until tender. Remove the elbow, discard the green onion, ginger, and star anise, strain the remaining broth into a large bowl. Place the elbow in a ladle, pour half of the strained broth from the bowl over it, add another ladle of chicken broth. Bring the broth to a boil, add cornstarch mixed with water to thicken the sauce evenly. Do not add extra oil. Once thickened, carefully transfer the Tiger Skin Pork Elbow to a large plate.

[Key Techniques]

  1. After cooking, the Tiger Skin Pork Elbow weighs about 1000g. If flipping it becomes difficult, place it in a large plate and pour the sauce over it.
  2. The original broth contains a lot of fat, so additional oil is unnecessary in the thickening process.

[Flavor Characteristics]
There are many styles of pork elbow dishes, such as braised, stewed, caramelized, crystal, imperial palace, and haba styles, each with its distinctive characteristics. Shanxi-style pork elbow is renowned for its large size (each raw elbow weighs about 2000g) and tender texture. It is considered a hearty dish, often praised by laborers who can finish a whole large pancake (about 750g) with one elbow. Tiger Skin Pork Elbow differs from braised pork elbow in that the skin is first charred over fire, then cleaned thoroughly before cooking, resulting in a dish with a golden and uneven surface resembling tiger skin. The entire elbow becomes soft and tender like tofu, melting in the mouth without being greasy or tough. The sticky and soft skin contrasts with the rich and savory taste, making it a popular dish in Shanxi banquet meals.

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