How to make Oyster Sauce Braised Goose Feet and the recipes of Oyster Sauce Braised Goose Feet

Oyster Sauce Braised Goose Feet


  • 24 goose feet
  • 100 grams bamboo shoots
  • 100 grams soaked dried mushrooms
  • 25 grams ham
  • 25 grams ginger and spring onion
  • 15 grams oyster sauce
  • 250 grams broth
  • 25 grams cooking wine
  • 50 grams lard
  • 10 grams soy sauce
  • 5 grams sesame oil
  • 3 grams salt
  • 2 grams MSG
  • 5 grams granulated sugar
  • Wet cornstarch for thickening

Cooking Method:

  1. Peel and wash the goose feet, blanch them in cold water until 80% cooked, remove, debone, then blanch again in boiling water with ginger, spring onion, and cooking wine. Prepare the bamboo shoots, soaked dried mushrooms, and ham by slicing them thinly.
  2. Heat a wok, add lard, then stir-fry the goose feet, bamboo shoots, ham, and mushrooms briefly. Add cooking wine, followed by broth, oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, MSG, sugar, mix well, cover the wok, and simmer gently until tender. Thicken with wet cornstarch to desired consistency, drizzle with sesame oil, stir well, and transfer to a serving dish.

Key Techniques:

  1. Braising (扒): Refers to the method of arranging and cooking food neatly and beautifully. When preparing goose feet, meticulous care is taken in shaping and cutting to ensure uniformity.
  2. Proportion and Integration: Ensure the right balance between broth and thickening agent (cornstarch), ensuring the dish is glossy and well-coated.
  3. Presentation: Keep the dish intact from cooking to serving, ensuring the sauce adheres well to the food. Thicken the sauce evenly to maintain the integrity of the dish.

Flavor Characteristics:
In Guangdong, where the climate is warm and vegetation abundant, geese are commonly raised. Geese, known for their quick growth and flavorful meat from grazing on various herbs, have been enjoyed by gourmet connoisseurs through the ages. The thick collagen-rich skin of goose feet makes them particularly prized. The technique of braising, coupled with deboning and careful preparation, results in a dish with a pleasing appearance, tender texture, rich original flavors, and a glossy finish.

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