How to make Oyster Sauce Braised Goose Feet and the recipes of Oyster Sauce Braised Goose Feet

Oyster Sauce Braised Goose Feet Ingredients: Cooking Method: Key Techniques: Flavor Characteristics:In Guangdong, where the climate is warm and vegetation abundant, geese are commonly raised. Geese, known for their quick growth and flavorful meat from grazing on various herbs, have been enjoyed by gourmet connoisseurs through the ages. The thick collagen-rich skin of goose feet … Read more

How to make Pan-Fried Fu Rong Egg and the recipes of Pan-Fried Fu Rong Egg

Pan-Fried Fu Rong Egg Ingredients: Cooking Method: Key Techniques:Fry the Fu Rong egg over medium heat, adding oil gradually as you fry each side until both sides are golden brown, ensuring a crispy exterior and tender inside. Flavor Characteristics:“Pan-Fried Fu Rong Egg” is made by mixing egg liquid with shredded BBQ pork, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, … Read more

How to make Steamed Pomegranate Chicken and the recipes of Steamed Pomegranate Chicken

Steamed Pomegranate Chicken Ingredients: Cooking Method: Key Techniques:Ensure the steaming time is precisely 8 minutes with strong heat to maintain the shape and preserve the freshness of the flavors. Flavor Characteristics:“Steamed Pomegranate Chicken” is a famous dish in Chaoshan cuisine with a history of several decades. Its appearance resembles a blooming pomegranate, using chicken meat … Read more

How to make Frozen Jinzhong Chicken and the recipes of Frozen Jinzhong Chicken

Frozen Jinzhong Chicken Ingredients: Cooking Method: Key Techniques:Frozen Jinzhong Chicken is a famous cold dish from Chaoshan cuisine, known for its beautiful appearance and fresh taste. It requires meticulous preparation according to the specified techniques. Flavor Characteristics:Frozen Jinzhong Chicken is a specialty of Chaoshan cuisine, made with gelatin, fish gelatin, and chicken meat. Gelatin, also … Read more

How to make Sima Huai Fu Chicken and the recipes of Sima Huai Fu Chicken

Sima Huai Fu Chicken Ingredients Main Ingredients and Seasonings: Cooking Method Key Techniques Flavor Characteristics “Sima Huai Fu Chicken” is a traditional and renowned dish in Henan cuisine with a long history. “Sima” refers to Sima Yi, a famous general of the Wei Kingdom during the Three Kingdoms period, and “Huai Fu” refers to Huaiqing … Read more

The Centerpiece: Celebrating Meat, Poultry, and Seafood in Asian Cuisine

The Centerpiece A meat, poultry, or seafood dish always takes pride of place at the center of the Asian table. Pork Asians, especially the Chinese, have been dedicated hog lovers throughout history. Pork is popular because pigs are easy to raise and mature quickly. Pork fat, more commonly known as lard, adds unsurpassed flavor to … Read more

How to make Hearty Beef and Vegetable Soup and the recipes of Hearty Beef and Vegetable Soup

Hearty Beef and Vegetable Soup Beef and vegetable soup spells comfort food in any culture. Grandma Merla See (see page 100) cooked this Chinese-influenced version for her family using whatever vegetables were in her refrigerator. She’d add tomatoes if she wanted a thicker, spicier soup or leave it as a clear broth without. “It depended … Read more