How to make Hongmian Jiaji Duck and the recipes of Hongmian Jiaji Duck

Hongmian Jiaji Duck Ingredients: Cooking Method: Key Techniques:“Baochai Hong Duck”: Slaughter 1 duck (about 1250 grams), discard the lungs, esophagus, and trachea, cut off the wing tips, leaving the top two sections. Use your fingers to pull the duck tongue to one side, cut off one-third of the duck mouth with a knife. Use the … Read more

How to make Tiger Skin Pork Elbow and the recipes of Tiger Skin Pork Elbow

Tiger Skin Pork Elbow [Main Ingredients and Seasonings]1 pork elbow… 2000gGinger slices… 50gStar anise… 5 piecesShaoxing wine… 50gGreen onion segments… 100gSoy sauce… 80gSalt… 20gGranulated sugar… 50gCornstarch… 50g [Cooking Instructions] [Key Techniques] [Flavor Characteristics]There are many styles of pork elbow dishes, such as braised, stewed, caramelized, crystal, imperial palace, and haba styles, each with its distinctive … Read more

How to make Gan Kou Rou (Dry-Braised Pork) and the recipes of Gan Kou Rou (Dry-Braised Pork)

Gan Kou Rou (Dry-Braised Pork) [Main Ingredients and Seasonings]Pork belly… 500gShaoxing wine… 15gDried shrimp… 50gHoney… 15gSpring onion (cut into segments)… 15gGarlic cloves… 10gGinger slices… 10gPeanut oil… 1000gDried shrimp… 4 pieces [Cooking Instructions] [Key Techniques] [Flavor Characteristics]“Gan Kou Rou” is a famous dish in Shanxi cuisine known for its unique flavor achieved without adding salt, relying … Read more

How to make Herb-Scented Chicken Soup and the recipes of Herb-Scented Chicken Soup

Herb-Scented Chicken Soup (S’ngao Chruok Moan) Just about every ingredient, from the culantro to the lemongrass, gives this refreshing Cambodian soup its sprightly flavor and delightful fragrance. For Phiroum Svy, a working mother of two teenagers, this soup is a simple-to-prepare meal when she’s in a time crunch. Phiroum, whose name means “peacefulness” in Cambodian, … Read more